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This Chinook touched down at Olean Airport recently to check a cockpit warning light and then proceeded to their destination.







This Medical Helicopter, with Mitch and Sue Rooker sits in the infield during major NASCAR races. Arriving in Olean Monday 9/16/13 from the previous weekend's race in Chicago. They refueled, spent the night with a local friend, and continued the next day to Manchester, NH for the next race.



Photos from the ASG September 15, 2013 Fall Flyin/Drivein Breakfast



Bruce Klein 1Bruce Klein 2Bruce Klein 3

Stearman rides were available during the breakfast and the above photos were taken when the winner of our raffle, Denise Monahan was about to depart for the wild blue yonder.


Helicopter rides were also available during the breakfast and Roman Napoleon, age 13 won our raffle for the Helicopter ride.

CIMG4645 CIMG4649 CIMG4651

CIMG4652 CIMG4653 CIMG4659

CIMG4661 CIMG4663 CIMG4662

CIMG4666 CIMG4670 CIMG4671




BoeingBoing 2 Boing 1


The above biplane, a 450 HP Vintage Stearman, owned by Jane Wicker Airshows of Bristow, VA and flown by Brian Rosenstein & Chuck Tippett stopped at Catt. Co./Olean Airport on June 3, 2013 because of a low ceiling. They were on their way home to Virginia after performing at an airshow in Waterloo, Ont. Airport attendant Steve Kockler and I had the great honor of talking to the pilot and wing walker while waiting for the ceiling to lift. The conversation with these gentlemen was exciting and invigorating. After the ceiling lifted they left for home, but not before giving a brief demonstration of their flying ability and aircraft performance. What a fun and great day!

This turned out to be a bittersweet story. On June 22, 2013, Wing Walker Jane Wicker and pilot Charlie Schwenker were performing at an airshow in Dayton, Ohio with this airplane when it crashed, destroying the aircraft and taking the lives of both Jane and Charlie. They were both doing what they loved to do and will be greatly missed. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of their loved ones. May God Bless you all. Loel Putnam.






Johnny Carson took flying lessons in this Cessna in his younger days.

Learjet Mod. 31A

Senator Gillibrand and her assistants arrived in Olean recently in this beautiful Learjet.






The City of Olean updated the Loader/Snow Blower in 2012 and Cattaraugus County provided a badly needed Tractor/Mower in 2013.



Blackhawk 1Blackhawk 2

       January 8, 2013 Blackhawks stop for fuel.



September 23rd 2012 Fall Fly-in/Drive-in Breakfast.




The following nine (9) photos were taken during the June 23rd and 24th, 2012 U.S./Canadian Aerobatic Challenge.

The event was hosted by I.A.C. Chapter 126.



For a video of the event, click on the following link:




These puppies were apparently flown in on June 10th, 2012 by the man in the photo with no further details available. It must have been a little crowded with 6 passengers.



Brian Carlson brought two dogs from the Leesburg, VA area in his SR-22 Cirrus on April 29th, 2012 for Joyful Rescues as part of the Pilot's & Paws Program.

Photos from our September 25th, 2011 Fall FLY-IN / DRIVE-IN Pancake Breakfast.

Click on the following links to see photos of the 2011 Olean Rally in the Valley.






Waco After

2012 photo of above Waco complete with Cowl and Wheel Pants.

Following video was created at the 2011 International Aerobatic Contest by Mike Kintner.



The Cessna Conquest(left) and the Piper Navajo(right) and their crews were in the area for two days recently conducting aerial surveys. Small airports like ours depend on activities like this to survive. The aviation fuel sales help support the airport and the local motels, restaurants, etc. benefit as well.




Above photos are of a Found Aircraft Canada Inc., Expedition E350 Amphibian.









Medivac Chopper

Medivac Alien

More Photos 2009-2010

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