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img_0293"The Fireball Run", a long cross country car ralley for missing children stopped at the Airport, on one of their many stops, for time trials. They have appeared on the Travel Channel. Some of the vehicles that participated are a white Dodge Challenger Police Car with Texas plates, a memorial for law enforcement that have been killed in the line of duty and the "Trump Truck".




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"Halloween on the Hill" co-hosted by the Airport and Mercy Flight. The Ischua & Hinsdale Fire & Rescue Crew teamed up to "WOW" the kids with 2 Fire Engines and Hinsdale's new Ambulance. This was a first for the Airport and was a huge success. The Jason Buckles family once again made the trip up the hill for another event.


img_0307-crop The HA-200 Saeta was the first Spanish turbojet aircraft and was powered by two Turbomeca Marboré engines mounted side by-side in the forward fuselage and fed from an intake in the nose, exhausting from nozzles just aft of the wing trailing edge.






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2016 Fly-In / Drive-In Breakfast

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L-37 Albatross

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Glider MotorizedMr. Les Schweizer and his nephew Mr. Peter Schweiser flew in to KOLE yesterday (7/17/16) in their SCHWEIZER  SGM2-37.  This is a powered glider that was designed by Mr. Schweizer at Schweizer Aircraft Corp. in Horseheads, NY.  Schwiezer designed and manufactured them for the United States Air Force to provide glider training. This Aircraft is #2 of the 12 that were built.


Southern Tier Aero Radio Society Fun Fly July 9 & 10, 2016

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Niagara Car Club Time Trials 5/26/16

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